Apr. 3rd 2023 – A Note From Our Founder Ed Clancy

As we are moving through year three at Pedal Ahead, and growing beyond our San Diego roots. I wanted to take this time to reflect and share some thoughts with our broader community.

Those who are familiar with any start-up know that forward momentum can only be fulfilled through the belief in the program goals and working towards a common mission.

We’ve worked with many talented and engaged professionals in the past who have had various consulting roles – lending their expertise to forge the dynamics of our program including Kim Merrill, Larry Kessler, Lane Kiefaber, Tara Hammond, to name a few.

It’s important to also highlight vast support from the city and County of San Diego, supervisors and staff, who took a keen interest in investing in the Pedal Ahead concept and have helped support our growth even in the midst of, and throughout the Covid 19 pandemic. Annually they provide thousands of community enhancement and neighborhood reinvestment grants to many local organizations.

Now, as we do our part to administer the California wide incentive program, we’ll be able to get even more people on electric bikes for the betterment of communities across our state! We couldn’t be more excited!

Without the support of the above named, plus community-based organizations, civic leaders, public and private entities, our Pedal Ahead program would not have been able to deliver on our mission and promise of getting hundreds of electric bikes out into our community in support of our ‘socially conscious transportation’ equity programs.

We are proud to join others who believe and deliver on inclusion regardless of race, gender or socio-economic status while not condoning any form of prejudice nor harassment. We’re committed to serving and growing our Pedal Ahead community with these principles always in mind.

In light of recent events, our hope is everyone in all of the San Diego supervisor districts are able to sustain their goals and mission regardless of the negative and distracting stories in the media or elsewhere.

There are many among us dealing with various mental health issues yet need to know there is no shame in seeking support for personal struggles. As a disabled American veteran, I have my own perspectives on mental health and ways of healing.

While some choose to take to social media (some with anonymous personalities) to present unverifiable or misguided information to disparage or defame character for some form of personal gain, we remain open to work with anyone willing to come out from behind their curtain to address their concerns – and continue to pedal ahead!

~ Ed