Ana Moreno

City Heights


  • Please describe how the Pedal Ahead e-bike is benefiting your lifestyle?

    I was an avid walker and hiker. A slow-recovering foot injury this past spring and the pandemic have made those activities uncomfortable for many reasons. My husband fixed up my old bike to provide a safer option to help my foot recover, and get some exercise outside, which helps with extra pandemic anxiety. Luckily, shortly after, I was picked to lease an e-Bike through Pedal Ahead. This e-bike helps keep me sane and healthy especially after spending  8+ hours in front of a screen every day. It inspired my husband to purchase an e-Bike of his own to join me on rides all throughout San Diego

  • Are you using the e-bike differently or for more types of rides than you had initially thought?

    I intended to use the e-Bike to keep my body and mind healthy. I ride for exercise and to help manage my mental health.

  • What is the typical length of your ride (in miles)?

    Twenty miles

  • Please describe your most fun e-bike ride or adventure?

    Riding from City Heights to Santee, has been one of the best rides. It has the most diverse change of scenery from busy expressways, riding through Mission Gorge and being completely surrounded by nature, to riding through small neighborhoods along the San Diego River, the promise of having delectable donuts from Mary's at the end of the ride and the electric assist kept me going all the way back to City Heights.

  • Can you comment on how the Pedal Ahead experience has improved your health and lifestyle?

    Pedal Ahead has afforded me the opportunity to experience the benefits of an e-bike, which has been a godsend to my physical, emotional, and mental health as mentioned above.

  • Are there any things that have surprised you about riding an electric bicycle? Please describe.

    This e-bike is definitely the most fun I have had on a bicycle. The electric assist gives me the boost in performance and the confidence to safely challenge myself to go longer, which means more time exploring different parts of sunny San Diego and getting healthy from building endurance.