Beau Bratton

Golden Hill

Beer Machine Fixer

  • Please describe how the Pedal Ahead e-bike is benefiting your lifestyle?

    I will say that, while I was biking to work fairly frequently before getting the e-bike, the addition of the motor makes it that much easier to bike instead of drive.

  • Are you using the e-bike differently or for more types of rides than you had initially thought?

    Nope.  I have only used it for commuting to and from work.

  • What is the typical length of your ride (in miles)?

    8.5 miles

  • Please describe your most fun e-bike ride or adventure?

    I don't think there's anything particularly fun about riding to work, and I can't say that anything of note has happened, aside from sometimes getting honked at.  Which is more terrifying than fun!

  • Can you comment on how the Pedal Ahead experience has improved your health and lifestyle?

    The more time outside, the better, especially this past year.  No real significant changes, though - I was already riding ~80 miles/week on average before.  Riding a little more now, but with a bit less effort.

  • Are there any things that have surprised you about riding an electric bicycle? Please describe.

    Not particularly.  It's quite a nice ride.  The first time you go up a hill with pedal assist it ruins you for non- e-bikes, possibly forever.