Pamela Hill

Encanto/Broadway Heights

Semi-retired and full-time student

  • Please describe how the Pedal Ahead e-bike is benefiting your lifestyle?

    In the past I was a walker. It was not unusual for me to walk 10-20 miles or more over the course of a weekend but then old knee injuries started flaring up and I found myself walking less and less while at the same time picking up more and more weight. The e-bike has changed that for me. It has not only helped me reduce my carbon footprint, but it has allowed me to significantly increase my primary physical fitness activity of bicycle riding as well.

  • Are you using the e-bike differently or for more types of rides than you had initially thought?

    Yes, I live in a hilly part of San Diego and initially, I thought I would use my Electra Townie Go 7D to run short errands within a three-mile radius from my house to Lemon Grove. But with my e-bike, I complete round trip errands of 10-14 miles from my house on a regular basis. For example, I use my bike for quick trips to Wal-Mart and Target in the College Grove, La Mesa and Spring Valley areas frequently. I also enjoy long rides in the beach communities, Coronado and downtown because I have the security of knowing that if I get tired, I have the battery to assist me in getting back home.

  • What is the typical length of your ride (in miles)?

    Seven to ten miles

  • Please describe your most fun e-bike ride or adventure?

    There is a ride that a friend and I enjoy doing that usually starts at Mission Bay near the golf course and includes Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, and Crown Point Shores and back. Depending on the route we take the ride can be between a 14 and 20-miles long. It's so relaxing to ride along the bayside and then over to the ocean side and it's nice to check out the design of the housing in the area and people watch too.

  • Are there any things that have surprised you about riding an electric bicycle?

    I thought I would use the battery power a lot more often than I do. I primarily ride the e-bike the way I would ride a conventional bicycle. I only use the battery for steep hills and when riding into strong winds but because of the availability of the battery assist I find myself riding for longer distances than when I rode my conventional bike. Because of that, I am getting more exercise than I did with my conventional bike.

  • Can you comment on how the Pedal Ahead experience has improved your health and lifestyle?

    I cannot thank Pedal Ahead San Diego enough for starting this program. I never even considered renting an e-bike before and because of the cost I definitely never thought of purchasing one. But now that I see how convenient to use and fun to ride, they are, I hope to never be without one. I really hope this bike lasts me for many years to come. Pedal Ahead San Diego has really helped me reduce my carbon footprint and increase my level of physical fitness level as a result of giving me access to this e-bike through this program.

  • Please describe any suggestions on improving the Pedal Ahead e-bike experience?

    I cannot think of any suggestions at this time. I mean the program provided me with a brand-new e-bike, helmet, safety vest, and a front and rear bicycle light all at no cost to me. The staff members were very friendly and knowledgeable and treated me with respect. They seemed to have a genuine customer service focus. What could I possibly complain about?