Rick Raney

Mission Hills

Freelance Photographer

  • Please describe how the Pedal Ahead e-bike is benefiting your lifestyle?

    I find that e-bike riding is fun and exciting and It provides me with health benefits and interesting social interactions.

  • Are you using the e-bike differently or for more types of rides than you had initially thought?

    I am discovering new roads that I have never traveled.  Every ride I take is a new adventure that I look forward to. Discovery is a wonderful thing.

  • What is the typical length of your ride (in miles)?

    Seven miles

  • Please describe your most fun e-bike ride or adventure?

    On a recent ride to Balboa Park I saw a couple of musicians playing some tunes.  I approached them and asked if they might be willing to sing a birthday song for my wonderful son.  I told them that my son was turning 40 and that he was out of town.  They quickly agreed to me recording their performance so that I could send it off to my son. And that turned out to be a really fun thing to do.

  • Can you comment on how the Pedal Ahead experience has improved your health and lifestyle?

    A bike ride gets me off the couch and out into the sunshine and fresh air. It provides for mental stimulation and it makes me feel good.

  • Are there any things that have surprised you about riding an electric bicycle? Please describe.

    I am surprised at how the different power settings affect the ride. I was surprised when my front tire went flat and when I pumped it back up it continued to hold air.  I am surprised at how the bigger tires make the ride much better when going off road.  I am surprised how much fun it is to be able to keep up with the other bicycle riders .  I am surprised by how much safer I feel riding with traffic now that I’m able to travel a bit faster.