TK Nguyen

Emerald Hills/City Heights

Director- YMCA

  • Please describe how the Pedal Ahead e-bike is benefiting your lifestyle?

    I choose to bike to work every day. At first I was a little bit nervous, wasn't sure if I had the stamina, was it safe, etc. Once I started biking, it was the most enjoyable experience ever. There is such joy in riding around the neighborhood, smelling all the delicious food for dinner time, and an immense feeling of accomplished that you got to point A to point B on a bike! I have eaten better, became more conscious of my daily exercise routine, planned more activities with community members around riding our bikes, and overall increased my quality of life.

  • Are you using the e-bike differently or for more types of rides than you had initially thought?

    I thought I was going to ride my bike to work and back, but I'm using it for everything. I plan out family get together around riding my bike. I ride it after dinner around the park.

  • What is the typical length of your ride (in miles)?


  • Please describe your most fun e-bike ride or adventure?

    I did a bike ride with some YMCA employees on Halloween. We did about 35 miles and went to get breakfast, rode around the parks, pier, ate lunch, and went to a nursery together. I had amazing time with my friends and colleague and this would not have happened if we didn't have the bikes.

  • Are there any things that have surprised you about riding an electric bicycle?

    I thought I would use the battery power a lot more often than I do. I primarily ride the e-bike the way I would ride a conventional bicycle. I only use the battery for steep hills and when riding into strong winds but because of the availability of the battery assist I find myself riding for longer distances than when I rode my conventional bike. Because of that, I am getting more exercise than I did with my conventional bike.

  • Can you comment on how the Pedal Ahead experience has improved your health and lifestyle?

    I have lost about five pounds since I received the bike, and I'm sure have gained more muscles in my legs! My health is one of the most important things in my life that I take very seriously, and Pedal Ahead is a huge part of my success in leading a healthy and successful lifestyle. I get to spend quality time riding my two year old around. Get to know my neighbors better when I ride through the neighborhood. I also love riding to work and getting everyone excited that I made it on the bike again another day! My lifestyle has changed because I rarely use the car now. I prefer this lifestyle to the one without Pedal Ahead.