Pedal Ahead creates lifestyles through socially conscious transportation. By providing electric bicycles, our goal is to enhance quality of life opportunities for participants who would not have the financial means nor exposure to alternative transportation benefits. We prioritize e-bike distributions to applicants in a low-income threshold of $49,000, or below - while providing quality of life enhancements through physical, mental and environmental health.


Join the Pedal Ahead Movement!

Electric bicycles are now available through our innovative LOAN to OWN program by prioritizing low-income threshold applicants, and awarding bicycles for commuting to work and school, transportation and day-to-day activities... all while promoting an active health lifestyle! Each participant rides an average of just 5 miles per day, tracks and shares rides for our e-bike study, and secures low cost bicycle insurance. Participants become eligible to own the Pedal Ahead e-bike following the successful completion of the two-year term!


The program was envisioned, designed and created by San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher and Rider Safety Visibility 501c3, with initial funding provided by San Diego County, The Left Coast Fund, The San Diego Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund and SDG&E.

  • Note: One Pedal Ahead e-bike allowed per household
  • Note: One Pedal Ahead e-bike allowed per household
  • (Which of these describes your personal income last year?)
Join The Movement - Existing San Diego Programs ONLY

The Statewide e-Bike Incentive Program Has Not Yet Started. Announcements Will Be Forthcoming


What is the Pedal Ahead program?

Pedal Ahead was initiated in September 2020 by Rider Safety Visibility (RSV), a 501c3, in partnership with County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher to serve as an alternative to automobile transportation through socially conscious transportation.

The program growing to increase e-bike ridership throughout all of San Diego county with a sustained focus to serve residents living in underserved communities. 

Riders will use a GPS technology app to track trip distances, and transportation and recreation patterns, which is tracked by RSV and updated regularly.

Through the adoption of electric bicycles, Pedal Ahead’s goal is to provide quality of life improvement for participants using the e-bikes for commuting and recreational activities. Through phased integration Pedal Ahead will create a network of individually operated e-bikes that are initially loaned and eventually owned by participants at the program’s two-year conclusion.

The benefits are mental, physical and environmental health.

Where must I live to qualify for the Pedal Ahead community e-bike program?

To qualify for the Pedal Ahead program you may live in any general County Supervisorial District, meaning all zip codes are welcomed into the program.

Is the Pedal Ahead program supported by County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher?

Absolutely! County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher is an avid cyclist and electric bike enthusiast. He has recognized the importance of electric bicycles for addressing our environmental challenges, promoting healthy living, and creating communities. In a now vibrant and bikeable District 4, Pedal Ahead has been making this vision a reality in partnership with Rider Safety Visibility.

Where are Pedal Ahead electric bikes available?

Pedal Ahead has electric bicycles available to participants in all San Diego County Supervisorial Districts, with an emphasis on those with low income, unreliable transportation and lack of nutritional food sources in their area.

What Electric Bicycle Model?

Pedal Ahead electric bicycles are the popular Electra Bicycles Townie GO! 7D, available in the Storm Cloud step thru and Matte Black step over frames. The e-Bikes are simple to use, have comfort saddles, and feature with three levels of pedal assist — meaning the rider must be pedaling to receive the electric boost from the motor. Electra Bicycles is headquartered in Solana Beach, making them the perfect partner for this San Diego County project.

Each bicycle is new, whereas participants will be the inaugural user. We sanitize each unit upon delivery

How do I join the Pedal Ahead Movement?

The Pedal Ahead community e-bike program is currently accepting new applicants! After your application is submitted, the Rider Safety Visibility staff will review the application and contact you via email to undergo the process of loaning your e-bike!

RSV does not share participant information with third parties.

What are the Participants’ Requirements?

Participate in Pedal Ahead for a minimum of 2 years

  • Ride at least 1,800 miles per year, 
  • 150 miles per month (only about 5 miles a day)

Record mileage on the free “Strava” app

  • Request to join Pedal Ahead in “groups” within the app
  • Participants not reaching the mileage level will be offered the opportunity to own the e-bike at a prorated cost to be determined.

Secure annual insurance

  • Insurance is necessary for liability, loss, theft and damage to their e-bike.

At the conclusion of the program, the e-bike becomes theirs’ to own. Participants not reaching the mileage level will be offered the opportunity to own the e-bike at a prorated cost to be determined.

Who are Pedal Ahead’s Community Center partners?

Pedal Ahead works with Stay True Cycle Works, Trek - Bonita and California Bicycles for program participant support, meetings, group rides, neighborhood forums, e-bike distribution and maintenance, skills training and rider safety education.

Every Month we announce location and times for group meetings and DIY maintenance.

Do I have to be an expert cyclist to receive a Pedal Ahead e-bike?

Absolutely not. The Pedal Ahead program is open to riders 18 and up and all bicycling abilities. We want the electric bikes to be used for work, recreation and above all else, promote active healthy lifestyles. Monthly classes will include opportunities to learn more about e-bikes, how to ride safely, maintenance and bicycle security, and other bicycle related topics.

What about e-bike safety and security?

Rider Safety Visibility will be providing each participant with a safety and visibility package that includes helmet, high visibility vest, front and rear bicycle lights as well as bike lock for security. Each e-bike will also be equipped with devices that secure front wheels and seats. RSV will provide instruction on how accessories and safety features are operated.

How does Pedal Ahead support workforce development in the bicycle industry?

Through support from SDG&E and The San Diego Foundation's COVID-19 Response Fund, Pedal Ahead supports workforce development in these under-served communities by providing an opportunity to the targeted age group (18-26) to participate in internships, mentorships and education classes through a Community Center partnership with Uptown Bicycles, Mesa College, Adams Avenue Business Association, San Diego Workforce Partnership and Outdoor Outreach. Rider Safety Visibility has worked with leaders in the bicycle industry to develop a curriculum to include small business entrepreneurship, marketing and sales and mechanical bicycle maintenance. Through a network of partners in both the local and national bicycling industries, the program will also allow additional opportunities for young adults to gain real-world work experiences, which include learning maintenance on traditional and electric bicycles, group rides, and participating in events that support the Pedal Ahead program. For more information, and to sign up, email Pedal Ahead founder

What are the Pedal Ahead Young Adult Education Courses?

Pedal Ahead Course

  • TOPIC: Life skill training through workforce
  • DATE: Ongoing 
  • TIME: Varies 
  • WHERE: Multiple Locations, has not yet be determined

    DESCRIPTION: This Pedal Ahead course will discuss an in-depth look into the operation of what it means to be Pedal Ahead. This especially includes logistics and trouble-shooting of our nonprofit organization. 

Pedal Ahead Course #2

  • TOPIC: Basic Maintenance, Tune-Up & Safety Training — All About Pedal Ahead e-Bikes
  • DATE: March 27th
  • TIME: 12pm - 2pm.
  • WHERE: Behind Uptown Bicycles: 3426 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116

    DESCRIPTION: This Pedal Ahead course will discuss the how to get the best e-biking experience possible with an in-depth look at the operation, maintenance and trouble-shooting of the Electra Townie GO! 7D electric bicycles. Pedal Ahead Experts from Pedal Ahead, Black Girls Do Bike and GUP Industries will be on-hand as well as RSV leaders to discuss bike fitness, safe e-biking tips and routes.

Who are the Pedal Ahead partners & supporters?

Founding Partners:

  • Rider Safety Visibility 501c3
  • County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher
  • San Diego County’s Community Enhancement Program
  • The Left Coast Fund
  • The San Diego Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund
  • SDGE

Supporting Partners:

  • Uptown Bicycles
  • Electra Bicycles
  • NiteRider Technical Lighting
  • ArroWhere Equipment
  • Kali Protectives
  • PinHead Bike Security
  • California Bicycles
  • Rocky Mounts
  • Vittoria Cycling Shoes
  • LOT204 Creative
  • Hammond Climate Solutions
  • GÜP Industries
  • Mudroom Backpacks

Community Partners:

  • Adams Avenue Business Association
  • Broadway Heights Community Council
  • Bayside Community Center
  • Bike Clairemont
  • BikeSD
  • El Cajon Boulevard BID
  • Mission Hills BID
  • San Diego County Bike Coalition
  • Outdoor Outreach
  • San Diego Mesa College
  • San Diego Workforce Partnership
  • San Diego MTS
  • San Diego Mountain Biking Association
  • YMCA of San Diego County

Environmental Sustainability

Healthy Living, Active Lifestyles

Creating Community

Ed Clancy, President-Founder.....Aliyah Smith, Program Coordination.....Luis Trejo, Community Engagement..... Olan Cazad, Opeartions.....Corey Jameson, Mechanic.....Jason Millard, R&D -----) Esther Cing, Grants..... Jen Vongsouthi, Grants -----) Board of Directors: Ed Clancy, CEO; Jenny Parker, Board Member; Sean Sedgwick, Secretary/Treasurer; Orleans Mireles, Finance/Accounting; Bradley Garner, Board Member; Stuart Osnow, Board Member; John Sarkisian, (Invitee) Board Member, Beach Cities Financial/Andre Helms - CPA -----) Advisory Board: Phil Blair - Manpower SD, Mel Katz - Manpower SD, Amy Richards - Veterans Community Connections, Rafael Castellanos - Attorney at Law, Pam Hill - Broadway Heights Community Council, Cami Matteson - The San Diego Foundation


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Over 5 Million Calories Burned To Date
Personal Health Impact
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Miles Traveled - School District Riders
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CO2 Emissions Reduction: E-bike Over Automobile = Thousands of Trees Planted
Environmental Health Impact

News & Updates

Notice is hereby given that our annual meeting of Advisors + Board of Directors is taking place July 13th, 3:00pm-4:30pm location provided to invitees.

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